Phlint WIP

2.5 hours down, ??? to go!

Hope to have this done soon! I’ve been having a bit of trouble with the blanket they’re laying on and the feet, but I’ll fix them when I get back to this! :D

Ahh Hawkeye/Coulson. I shall ship you always!

My little contribution to the Sterek fandom of Teen Wolf! Just finished the second season and I can’t wait for the next one!



I think I upset Steve.

I’ll just be here, with my glass of scotch, wishing it was one of his kisses.

Wearing his clothes, waiting by the phone.

Still have a knife in you though…

Amanda, I drew this for you at 3am. I hope you like it.



(aka your sister)

(You know, the one who has known you your whole life?)

(Yeah, that one. That’s me.)

(Night now)

(live long and get the salt)

“This place… I like it!”