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Thank you, Chris. In other news… Odin has once again fallen into Odinsleep and the princes are, once again, throwing one of the wildest parties this side of the Nine Realms… The damage expenses are expected to be in the millions of Jotuns…

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It’s a beautiful day and Loki’s still adopted 

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So, Um… Odd Avengers Ideas?


My sister and I took a road trip recently, and maybe an hour or two into it, I had the idea of thinking about what would happen if the Avengers took a road trip. Now, I am a big Avengers fan (*cough*Hawkeye*cough*), but have been unable to see the movie, so I only know what I’ve seen on Tumblr. So, going from that, I came up with some ideas that are a bit imperfect and could use some help. Anyways, here’s the stuff I came up with so far.

So, obviously you would need some sort of vehicle that could hold everyone(Nick Fury, Angent (Phil)Coulson, (Natasha Romanov)Black Widow,(Clint Barton) Hawkeye, (Bruce Banner)Hulk, (Tony Stark)Iron Man, (Steve Rogers)Captain America and Thor), right? So I was thinking that Tony would have a giant RV, being the rich man he is, and also he would sponsor the trip cause he is rich or whatever. So, the RV would have 3 bedrooms, and then there is a storage thing above the drivers seat that would be where Hawkeye slept, aka his “nest”. So, there are three rooms on the main level of the RV (Yes, it has 2 levels), one big one in the back and two smaller ones that are bunk-bed rooms. I thought Natasha would be all “Imma woman-i get my own room” and take the large one from Tony, and then there would be the two bunk bed rooms left. So, I’ve been trying to decide who would get what beds, and I don’t ship anyone because I haven’t seen the movie yet. So, my sister recommended I put Tony and Steve in one room, and Bruce and Thor in the other. (Oh, Coulson and Nick switch off driving, so whoever isn’t driving gets the couch-bed) So Tony seemed like a top-bunk person, and Thor as well, since if Bruce has angry nightmares and “goes green” in the middle of the night, he won’t squish Thor. (Even though Gravity or something is different in Asguard and would technically make Thor 600lbs or so)

Then, I thought about some continuity things for their trip, based upon what I’ve seen on Tumblr:

-Thor is obsessed with buying Pop-Tarts

-All animals love Thor

-All animals Hate Tony

-Haweye shoots every single “Target” sign they pass by

-Nick gets road rage(which is why Bruce never drives)

-Coulson fangirls over Steve

-Steve has reminiscent moments about when he went on a cross-country trip as a kid and compares it to the current day

-Bruce does these experiments all the time that usually end up with funny consequences

-Black Widow “interrogates” people randomly

-Every time it rains, Thor runs outside and “plays with thunder and lightning”


-Steve doesn’t understand modern things

Then, I made a list of places they’d visit:

-Grand Canyon

-Carlsback Caverns


-Disney World

-Niagara Falls

-Mt. Washington

-Washington D.C.

-Mt. St. Helens

-Yellowstone National park

-Iowa(Corn fields=aliens!)

-Lake Utah

-Texas(Broken AC=Heat Crazy)

-Mississippi River

-Mt. Rushmore


AND THEN some random stuff:

Drivers: Nick, Coulson, Tony. RV has 2 bathrooms, Patio on roof w/ pool (Tony soaks and Hawkeye broods). Bruce has a kitten, Tony has a puppy, and Hawkeye has a baby Hawk he rescued and named Legolas. Nick has GOLDFISH. Patio has built-in fight simulation(for random training). Nick replaced all the closet space with WEAPONS STORAGE. The RV uses a GPS location system from the STARK satellite. And then Hawkeye’s best friend from whenever meets them and she asks him to take car of her 22-month old baby for a month or so, so then we can have a little avenging parents moment with who ship what, since everyone would take care of the baby.

Oh, and LOKI would be a annoying MAC TRUCK DRIVER who always tries to mess with their plans, but fails quite frequently.

Any ideas, people? I’m seeing the movie soon, so updates will happen! And I had this idea while I was on a road-trip with my sister, in case you wanted to know how I came up with such an odd idea.


So, I’m not sure where this idea came from, since I haven’t watch baseball in forever, and I’m not that into it. But anyways….

So, the whole baseball season would kinda go on like the movie does (from what I know). It starts off with Nick Fury and his baseball team called SHIELD made up of only Agents (Coulson, Natasha, Hawkeye), but then Loki appears with his baseball team made of minions and himself, and uses his powers to make Hawkeye join his team, and then defeats the SHIELD team. Nick decides it’s time for a change in their team, so he recruits Tony, Steve, Bruce, and Thor to join their team. Eventually Hawkeye returns to the team which is now called the Avengers, and they beat Loki’s baseball team. There would be fluff and stuff, and Coulson would get such a bad injury that he will never be able to play baseball again. So, I asked my mom (Who played softball), to explain each position to me and I placed each character in the position they are best suited for.






1st Base-Thor

2nd Base-Agent M.(Or whatever the female agent’s name is)

3rd base-Coulson

(I think I missed one, but whatever. :P)

So… for anyone who read this whole thing, props to you! You guys have any input or ideas?

“This place… I like it!”