a pacific rim ride like the star wars ride in disneyland where you play the part of trainee jeager pilots in the midst of the kaiju war when suddenly there’s a large attack and you have to fight your way through kaiju alongside the other jeagers with idris elba’s voice giving you orders




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Sleeping Beauty Animation 

I have just been sitting and staring at this for the longest time. I mean, LOOK AT IT. Look how outstanding this animation is. All by hand. The way her hair moves, the way the lines in that skirt move, everything is perfect. It’s hypnotizing.



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we’re gonna save the world tonight

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For Stiles and Derek, the best presents in the world would be to get some rest and relaxation!  Here’s to everything I wish for these boys, especially after this season! ;3;

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print i made for a local con.
the only one who’s going to buy this print is me.
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"Children are required to be in school, where their freedom is greatly restricted, far more than most adults would tolerate in their workplaces. In recent decades we’ve been compelling them to spend ever more time in this kind of setting, and there’s strong evidence that this is causing psychological damage to many of them. And as scientists have investigated how children naturally learn, they’ve realized that kids do so most deeply and fully, and with greatest enthusiasm, in conditions that are almost opposite to those of school….
Most people assume that the basic design of today’s schools emerged from scientific evidence about how children learn. But nothing could be further from the truth.
Schools as we know them today are a product of history, not research.

Research has shown that people of all ages learn best when they are self-motivated, pursuing answers to questions that reflect their personal interests and achieving goals that they’ve set for themselves. Under such conditions, learning is usually joyful.
The evidence for all of this is obvious to anyone who’s watched a child grow from infancy to school age. Through their own efforts, children figure out how to walk, run, jump, and climb. They learn from scratch their native language, and with that, they learn to assert their will, argue, amuse, annoy, befriend, charm, and ask questions.

They do all of this before anyone, in any systematic way, tries to teach them anything.
This amazing drive and capacity to learn does not turn itself off when children reach five or six. But we turn it off with our coercive system of schooling.”


YES OH MY GOSH. I had this teacher who always said that “kids cause their own problems” and kids “have mental illnesses because they allow themselves to decline in knowledge.” I like the one where he told me that since I have ADHD I’m going to go know where with my life.

It was incredible when I grew up and discovered that working full-time in an office was easier than being at school. Aside from the type of work and the fact that nobody expected me to learn new shit every day and create long-term projects from scratch (which, okay, might vary depending on which job you want, but at least you can potentially find a job that doesn’t have that), there were several things that were suddenly allowed:

  • i could go to that bathroom at any time without asking
  • i didn’t have any homework due the next day
  • no one could force me to stay late
  • if i felt sick i could just go home
  • i could choose when i had days off
  • i could leave during lunch if i wanted
  • i could have drinks and snacks at my desk
  • if i got sick, rather than needing a doctor’s note verifying that i WAS sick, i needed a doctor’s note verifying that i was healthy enough to work (and then only if it was several days)
  • if i was running late i could call and tell them and not be punished
  • i could talk to people while i worked (as long as i wasn’t talking to customers)
  • i was just generally an adult and an equal—even my bosses treated me like a person instead of just ordering me to do stuff

i realize, of course, that this is not true for all jobs—working as a waitress in particular had more school-like rules. but i’m struggling now to break old habits, like waiting for a break to use the bathroom if i really need to go, or working through my breaks if something wasn’t finished (i had to have someone tell me i am legally required to take breaks before i did this with any consistency), or actually taking care of myself when i was sick. because at school i was expected to just keep going through all of it, and if i didn’t then i got punished.

and to top it all off, this work actually PAYS me. and i get paid the same for the same number of hours; there’s no grading system telling me that my four hours put into one project is only worth about half of what i was supposed to get.